Social Media & Communications Specialist / Writer / Editor / Entrepreneur / Consultant


Employers consider Matt Benacquista a "hybrid" type of employee where he specializes in many different aspects of the day-to-day operations of business management. 

From Social Media Manager to Creative Director to Public Relations Specialist, his skill sets allow him to participate in many facets of operations which make Matt a highly valuable asset. 

Matt is a former Bartender, High School English Teacher, Published Author/Editor, Entrepreneur, and current Communications Coordinator with a mastery of words, syntax, and an unlimited resource of wit and wisdom.

As a writer, Matt believes it's extremely important to be creative, concise, and conscious of your audience and objective. Matt is thoroughly adept and adaptive at catering his writing style to the needs of each and every one of my audience members. 

As a teacher, he found a passion for sharing the writing process with his students and worked one on one with them to continuously break down those writing barriers.

As the Founder and CEO of a startup mobile application, Matt honed his skills as a Social Media Director, Head of Marketing and Sales, Creative Director, and overseer of daily operations.

Matt's creativity and passion for the English language have afforded him amazing opportunities in the past, and as he looks toward the future is hoping those same qualities will allow him to continue creating magic with truly magical people.



Mobile Application For Tattoo Industry and Community

Over the past 20 years, the tattoo industry has seen some significant changes and continues to evolve every day. We at Connect’Ink™ have been paying close attention and have come up with a few ideas that we believe will revolutionize and simplify the tattoo experience for tattoo shops and artists, as well as their consumers.

Connect’Ink™ is platform technology designed to streamline the entire tattoo experience from start to finish, making it easier for the user to access shops and artists while allowing those shops and artists to abundantly grow their business in the process.

Connect’Ink™ boasts many useful features such as GPS location technology, online “availability” of artists, online booking and deposits, in-app video consultations and in-person walk-in consultations because time is money for everyone involved in the process). These features will give the user more incentive to book a session, and help each tattoo shops and artists abundantly grow their business. **Each artist will be allowed to set their own individual fees for these services (Video chat, Walk-In Consult, as well as Tattoo Deposit).

As the tattoo industry becomes more tech-savvy and society grows busier and less available, there is a need for an easier, more effective way to navigate through the tattoo process. 

Connect’Ink™ has compiled years of research and innovative design that allows everyone involved in the tattoo journey to have a more enjoyable and productive tattoo experience.  


The Only Buddha in Town 

The willingness to be "ok" with whatever comes your way. To staying centered and never losing who you are, and realizing what you are made of." This is my life's mantra. I wrote with these intentions for people to feel they are not alone and there is someone out there who can relate and "gets it." In this spiritually witty story, Alanna brings readers on a journey from Italian Catholic , to burgeoning independence, to a heart stopping incident, to Buddha. Alanna defines meaning for the young "Me Generation" lost in a world of "Huh?" with her fast-paced, everyday prose. Whether you believe in one God or many, or none at all, you'll enjoy Alanna's often hilarious, always thought-provoking journey. The Only Buddha in Town -- spirituality with an edge. author bio: Born and raised in New Jersey. Fourth child to a lovely couple, Tom and Maureen. With my poetic heart, I'm a soul searcher, hope master, spiritual warrior, fear fighter, free bird, who's funny to some, confusing to others. I idolize comedic genius, Amy Sedaris. I believe no one actually enjoys dancing in the rain. I believe miracles are seen every day, you just can't see them because you're too busy texting. I spent my life looking for my purpose, knowing it was to help others--but couldn't find the right outlet. Now, after writing many things, this is my life's masterpiece. Well, maybe ... I'm only 32. I hope The Only Buddha in Town makes you laugh, inspires you, and, though it may be "my story," it's everyone's journey.  SO, here's to the underdog and fighter in all of us.




I’ve been in the Foodservice Industry for over 25 years as a bartender/mixologist, as well as a server/waiter earlier in my career. I’ve worked in every type of establishment from Jersey Shore nightclubs to Hoboken dive bars to NYC high-end boutique hotels - you best believe I’ve seen it all! Over the years I've had many roles such as server, bartender, bar/manager, trainer, head of marketing, social media manager, and general manager. My love for food and people kept me around and interested in the day-to-day operations of restaurants and bars for more than half my life - what can I say? I love the industry! 

Recently, as the pandemic started to lift and things began slowly getting back to normal, I recognized that many restaurants and bars were struggling to staff, train, update menus, and run their establishments. So with vast knowledge and expertise, I jumped into action as a consultant and began nursing the foodservice industry back to life!  

You can also find me writing articles on mixology and other happenings for Dining Out Jersey Magazine





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